Data Cleaning

Locater: Cleaning Wifi Connectivity Datasets for Semantic Localization
Efficient entity resolution on heterogeneous records.
Efficient quality-driven source selection from massive data sources
T-COVE is an exposure tracing and occupancy system based on cleaning wi-fi events on organizational premises. It first supports a real-time occupancy tracking application that displays real-time occupancy, i.e., the number of users, of locations of different granularities, such as building/floor/region. T-COVE has been deployed in over 30 buildings in UCI and BSU campuses and has been running since 2020. T-COVE will be planned to be installed in several other campuses and companies in the future. Another application supported in T-COVE is a passive exposure tracing system with potentially 100% adoption in campus area, that could be used effectively to track exposures as one of COVID-19 protection polycies in UCI. T-COVE is passive and off-the-shelf without the needs to install any new hardware or software while achieving a very usable accuracy, around 90%.