Efficient entity resolution on heterogeneous records. (Extended Abstract)


Entity resolution (ER) is the problem of identifying and merging records that refer to the same real-world entity. In many scenarios, raw records are stored under heterogeneous environment. Specifically, the schemas of records may differ from each other. To leverage such records better, most existing work assume that schema matching and data exchange have been done to convert records under different schemas to those under a predefined schema. However, we observe that schema matching would lose information in some cases, which could be useful or even crucial to ER. To leverage sufficient information from heterogeneous sources, in this paper, we address several challenges of ER on heterogeneous records and show that none of existing similarity metrics or their transformations could be applied to find similar records under heterogeneous settings. Motivated by this, we design the similarity function and propose a novel framework to iteratively find records which refer to the same entity. Regarding efficiency, we build an index to generate candidates and accelerate similarity computation. Evaluations on real-world datasets show the effectiveness and efficiency of our methods.

In IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, 2020
Yiming Lin
Yiming Lin
Postdoctoral Fellow

My research interests include Data Cleaning, Data Preparation, Query Processing, Query Optimization.